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Hotel Renovations

Creating stunning and practical hotel interiors

You are all to aware of just how demanding your guests are; they want the finest interior design, something that essentially lifts the stress away … after all it is this very reason why people go on vacation.

Your market is extremely competitive and in order to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back year after year you must move with the times and ensure that every aspect of your hotel is in tip top condition, completely functional and looking it’s absolute best.

At Renovations Phuket, part of the Active Building Group, Thailand & Australia, we specialize in Hotel renovations and no job is too big or too small.

Hotel Foyer - Image 1 - Renovations Phuket. Create a hotel foyers with that wow factor.Hotel Foyers

First impression count. Your foyer has to provide guests with the ‘wow’ factor as soon as they enter. The foyer should tell your guests what they should expect from every other aspect of your hotel from the rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and restaurants; fail to impress at this stage is likely to result in guests changing hotels or never returning.

We work alongside you in order to determine exactly the message you want to portray in terms of design, feel and level of comfort your guests will experience while staying at your hotel.

Every aspect of your hotel foyer renovation is carefully planned, with drawings, graphical representations of the completed product, interior colours and of course keeping the brief within your predefined budget.

Why leave it to chance? Call in the professionals – Renovations Phuket: Call 095 440 3255 or complete the form below.


Hotel Bathroom - Image 1 - Renovations Phuket - Creating hotel bathrooms that are both practical and stunning.Hotel Bathrooms

Your guests demand the very best facilities and a bathroom that doesn’t provide all the right amenities, such as shower, tub (better yet a Jacuzzi tub) and of course a relaxing interior design won’t leave them with a good lasting impression of your hotel.

We pride ourselves in designing and renovating hotel bathrooms to the highest standards using only the very best quality materials and fittings. The end result is a bathroom where your guests will be delighted to spend time relaxing in … especially in a Jacuzzi tub where they can relax and soak away all the work related stress they’ve escaped from for a few weeks.

A hotel is not about just one thing in the eyes of your guests; it’s about a package of amenities and facilities that allows them to relax and truly enjoy themselves. Hotels that exceed in this area see their guests returning year after year and recommending it to all their friends and family.

You hotel guests demand the best and the investment you make in high-end bathrooms pays off in the long terms, with more guests returning and more of them spreading the word about your incredible establishment.

Call professionals for a no obligation quotation – Renovations Phuket: Call 095 440 3255 or complete the form below.


Hotel Bedroom - Image 1. Renovations Phuket - Designing and creating stunning hotel bedrooms guests won't want to leave.Hotel Bedrooms

Your hotel bedrooms has to be one of the critical factors in allowing your guests to relax in comfort. You know you have to leave them with a lasting impression so that they not only return year after year but rave about just how comfortable and beautiful your rooms are.

Word of mouth can be the very best or very worst advertising and in order to make it the very best you’ll need to provide your guests with nothing but a first class experience.

It’s not just the interior design, although this is what creates the initial impression. The fixtures, fittings, layout, furnishing and soft furnishings are what ultimately makes guests want to spend time in the room and ultimately promote your hotel to their friends and family.

In order to provide you, and more importantly your guests with the very best, we work with you each step of the way from the initial interior design right through to layout and deciding on what quality fixtures, fittings and furnishing are included in order to created the ultimate hotel bedroom.

Call professionals for a no obligation quotation – Renovations Phuket: Call 095 440 3255 or complete the form below.


Hotel Kitchen - Image 1. Renovations Phuket provide expert commercial hotel kitchen fitting.Hotel Kitchens

No hotel can function properly without a professional kitchen. Professional chef’s kitchens require exact planning and detailed consultation with the executive chef so that everything from the appliances, fittings and work-flow area meets the exact requirements in order to cater for large numbers of guests.

Creating such a kitchen requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of how a commercial kitchen actually functions in order to produce quality meals can be presented in a timely fashion to satisfy even the most demanding of guests.

We work with you and your executive chef to formulate a detailed plan on every aspect from the quality of the appliances and fittings right through to the work-flow area and of course the budget available.

Health regulations and requirements are another consideration that must addressed. We work with the local health and safety authorities in order to ensure that your hotel kitchen is in full compliance with any current legislation.

Call professionals for a no obligation quotation – Renovations Phuket: Call 095 440 3255 or complete the form below.


Hotel Restaurant - Image 1 - Renovations Phuket - Creating stunning hotel restaurants.Hotel Restaurants

Having a first class hotel kitchen complete with an executive chef and array of staff who produce stunning cuisine is one thing but without a beautiful restaurant to compliment what the kitchen produces is detrimental to your business.

We design and produce hotel restaurants that are simply breathtaking. This translates into your guests wanting to use your restaurant facilities even more … why would you want them to leave and eat elsewhere?

Without question your hotel restaurant should play a significant part in revenue generation and our job is to design a restaurant that is visually appealing, comfortable and functional from the layout of the floor area, in order to maximize revenue to the table cloths, silverware, glassware and all other elements that go into a truly unique dining experience for your guests.

We work closely with you in order to fully understand your needs and keep within the budget available. We’ll plan and execute every aspect so that the final result will leave you, and most importantly you guest, simply delighted.

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