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Phuket Building Projects

Professional Builder - Renvations Phuket. Phuket builders for your home, hotel or office.We offer a profession service to any general building repairs in Phuket, Thailand for homeowners, hotels and offices.

We employ a range of specialist craftsman so that each job we undertake, big or small, is carried out by tradesman that know exactly what they are doing.

Call in the professionals – Renovations Phuket: Call 095 440 3255 or complete the form below.




New Driveways

Looking for a new driveway for your home, hotel or office. Look no further than Renovations Phuket. We offer a professional service with your choice of materials including asphalt, pavers, gravel and concrete.


Pool Decking - Phuket - Renovations PhuketPatio & Decking

Give your garden a new lease of life and made it more family friendly with a brand new patio or deck.  Either will allow you to create a functional area for entertaining on those long hot summer nights under the stars.


Wall Construction

We can create boundary walls of any size which affords you more privacy from your neighbours.  What about internal walls for dividing rooms? Yes we have specialist tradesman to undertake this type of work which will allow you to create more rooms in your home.House Painting - After - Image 5 - House Exterior Painting, Loch Palm, Phuket


Electrical Wiring

Our qualified team of electricians are able to carry out any type of electrical work for your home, hotel or office. Contact us for a quotation today no matter how big or small the job you require undertaking.



Need a new roof or just repairs to your existing roof. We can provide you with a team of professional roofers to ensure that the weather stays outside where it belongs. We offer our roofing services to homeowners, hotels and offices.


Patio Tiling Phuket - Renovations Phuket - Image 2Floor & Wall Tiling

Both floor and wall tiles are easy to clean and maintain and with the vast array of designs and colours you can really make your floors and wall a feature instead of just a function. We employ professional tilers who can complete any sized tiling job for homes, hotels and offices with minimal fuss and inconvenience.


Plumbing Installation and Repairs

Installation of new plumbing or plumbing repairs; we do the lot. Our professional plumbers can undertake any task from plumbing in a new washing machine, bath tub, shower or undertake minor repairs so you don’t suffer from flooding. Call us today for a competitive quotation. Our plumbing services are available for homes, hotels and offices.


Concrete Construction

We have a specialist team who can undertake any type of concrete construction work from building a new boundary wall, home extensions, driveways and much more. For a competitive, no obligation quotation call us today.


Demolition and Removal

No matter what you want demolishing, from a garden wall to an entire building we have professionals ready to complete the work required. Large demolition jobs take time and careful planning; health and safety is at the forefront of our business and we’ll walk you through what we do before we do it so you’re never left wonder what’s going on.Demolition Phuket - Renovations Phuket

Once we complete any demolition job we always make sure that everything from the site is removed and put back as it should be. You’ll never see us do half a job!  Call us today.



As you can see from the list of services we offer above we’re got your house, hotel or office covered from the floor to the roof.

We never leave any job to chance. Each project that we take is carefully planned with you so that whatever you need can be realized even before any work is started and that you can keep within a predefined budget. The stages we follow include:

  • Detailed client consultation to determine your exact requirements
  • Suggestions on materials, fittings and fixtures where applicable
  • Detailed draft plan so that every aspect is covered along with the time required to complete the job
  • Detailed costing plan so you know exactly what the project will costs.

If you’re looking for general repairs for your home, hotel or office then contact us today for a professional and competitive quotation.

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