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Phuket Office Renovations

Phuket Office Renovation - Renovations Phuket - Image 1Practical office design that looks and feels professional

Stand back for a moment in your offices and ask yourself …. 1. Does your office space meet the needs of your staff and; 2. Does your current office design and layout present a professional appearance to your existing and potential clients?

You might be wondering why Question 1 would ever really be of a concern. After all you pay your staff so who cares if it meets their needs? ¬†That is a sure fire way to see staff turnover increase; that is leaving on a regular basis and it’s also one of the major factors in contributing to poor staff performance and productivity.

The bottom line is that if you have happy staff working in an environment that they find pleasing it’ll significantly reduce staff turnover and dramatically increase productivity. So now you know why is so important to take into consideration the needs of your staff.

As for Question 2, well that’s obvious … the last thing you want is a potential client walking through the door only to sneer at the interior design, fixtures and fitting. Yes if they look cheap and unattractive that’s exactly the impression they’ll have about your business. The bottom line here is that first impressions count and with stiff competition you’ll need to do all you can to attract clients into hiring your services.

When it comes to office renovation work we don’t just look at the large items that need addressing, such as the decor, office furnishings and equipment; we also much deeper … right down to the chinaware you serve tea or coffee in … yes no detail is left out when it comes to renovating an office environment that exudes complete professionalism.

The steps we take to ensure your office renovation runs smoothly …Phuket Office Renovation - Renovations Phuket - Image 2

We understand that you don’t want to cause too much chaos when completely renovating so our work can be carried out after-hours if necessary. In order to ensure a smooth transition from old to new we:

  • Consult with you extensively to ensure we fully understand what your new offices will look like and how they will function for staff and clients
  • We detail every item of work so there are no surprises at the end of the project in terms of final cost
  • We produce a plan along with detailed costings; you’ll never get an unexpected invoice from us

Looking to completely renovate your office or maybe just undertake some painting or decorating. No job is too small or too big and we approach each with providing professional trades people at sensible prices.

Call us today on 095 440 3255 or complete the form below.


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