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Painting a Villa - Before

Painting a Villa – Before

It’s safe to say that an interior or exterior with paintwork that really needs attention is not overly pleasing to the eye; it’s even worse if you’re considering selling your home.

On that note it’s vital, if you are looking to sell your home, that you address both the interior and exterior paintwork and keep the colours as neutral as possible; magnolia, cream or off-white works well.

Now you’re probably asking why. Let’s look at some facts.  For starters you might like really bright colours, such as oranges or reds but you have to consider this is not to everyone’s taste.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to painting and decorating an interior or exterior; it’s merely what pleases you but if you are thinking about selling you should tone it down and make it as neutral as possible.

What you’re looking for is to create an almost blank canvas so that potential buyers can visualize their own furnishings within the home.

Painting a Villa - After - Image 1

Painting a Villa – After – Image 1

Painting and decorating is not simply about choosing colours or simply adding a few decorations. Such takes time, careful planning and an eye for design and detail.

What we do is to work closely with you at each step of the way to ensure you end up with an interior or exterior that you find both visually pleasing and within a sensible budget.

The process we follow is one that avoids mistakes and ultimately ensures you get a full professional job; therefore we:

  • Consult with you and provide ideas from paint colours, textures and finishes available.
  • Provide a detailed quotation so that you stay within your budget
  • Carry out the work using professional painters and decorators
  • Finally deliver a stunning interior or exterior to your exact requirements.

Here’s a couple of examples so you can see the before and after of work carried out by Renovations Phuket:


Home in Loch Palm

Client’s brief was to make new the exterior paintwork.  Over the years the weather had taken it’s toll on the exterior paintwork and the client wanted it looking like his home had only just been built.

House Painting - Before - Image 1

Image Above: If you look closely you’ll see that the border paint colour at the bottom of the home is flaking and had lost it’s sheen due to the weather over a number of years.  Also note the discolouration to the balcony paint work.  All this needed professionally sanding down and repainting.

Phuket Painting and Decorating service. Renovations Phuket.

Image Above: After Renovations Phuket finished the work the home now looks new. The paintwork is fresh and vibrant which ultimately makes the home look appealing … yes that essential kerb appeal is a must have, especially if you are looking to sell your home.

House Painting - After - Image 5 - House Exterior Painting, Loch Palm, Phuket

Image Above: Texture can play an important part to exterior paintwork as it gives the exterior depth and makes it visually appealing.

House Painting - After - Image 3 - House Exterior Painting, Loch Palm, Phuket

Image Above: The clients boundary walls were given a complete makeover with contrasting colours in order to give the perception of depth and character.

House Painting - After - Image 6 - House Exterior Painting, Loch Palm, Phuket

Image Above: With the Sala professionally cleaned and completely repainted it now provides for an inviting space in which to relax with a meal or a few after dinner drinks.

House Painting - After - Image 4 - House Exterior Painting, Loch Palm, Phuket

Image Above: The gate entrance was completely renovated with welding work, removal of all rust and a complete re-paint making it look like it was just constructed and hung yesterday.

How effective was the painting and decorating job we did?  Without boasting too much the completely new paint work resulted in the clients selling their home in less than one month. Essentially the new paintwork was a fantastic investment.


Let us give you a quote for any painting or decorating work you require for your home: Call 095 440 3255 or complete the form below:

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